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Hello, today I will answer 3 most common questions related to dental implants.

The first one that people ask a lot is when to get an implant.

The answer is very simple: as soon as possible. Today the placement of the implant is done immediately after the tooth is extracted. Because we want to preserve all the bone tissue.

That’s why we are mostly deciding for immediate implantations. There are of course cases where we postpone a bit due to minor infection that needs to heal out first, but the answer is always as soon as possible.

The second question is if my body will reject the implant.

Because a lot of people are worried that the implant is a foreign body, it’s a metal thing. And the answer is no, the implant will not be rejected. You see titanium implants are biocompatible. The only reason that the body would reject it, is poor bone quality or poor soft tissue quality of the patient.

And the rejection happens not as a result of the implant, but as a consequence of poor implantation procedures. This is due to quick implantation today. It’s not just about drilling the hole and putting in the implant. The key to success is in tissue management. How we condition and prepare soft tissue and bone tissue to have a good quality and static result.


The third common question is are there any health or age limitations.

And the answer is again no in most cases. There is no age limitation – I have patients over 80 years old that have placed implants, very successfully. Another questions is concerning health and chronic diseases. Most chronic diseases are not contraindicative for implants. Nor is heart disease. Even someone who had heart surgery, 6 months later we can place an implant. Of course in such cases you have to consult with your general practitioner and let them know about this procedure and get clearance to go ahead.

Another contraindication could be diabetes, but most people are treated so their sugar level is in order.

Severe smoking is one contraindication. So people who prefer more to smoke instead of laugh, they have a bit of a problem. But that’s it. In general there are no health limitations.