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You have strong teeth.

We make them look good.

Many people have healthy teeth. Less people have a stunning smile. What’s the difference? It turns out that our teeth are very prone to wear with time. Or they are tiny, perhaps pointy and just don’t add up into a full and vibrant smile.
Perhaps a few go missing with age. Bottom line, you have good, functional teeth but they look weak and worn.

That’s why we provide a FULL SMILE service, including the Full mouth look; Wear restoration; Bite rebuild; Restoring the look; Reconstructing the C shape; Strengthening the bite of your teeth.
It’s not about pasting veneers and solidifying bridges, but about sculpting the right sequence of all it takes to bring out the best in you.

Natural Color

9 out of 10 times a perfect, a confident smile is advertised as bright white teeth. But natural white is different. It originates from the inside out, from the pulp in the inner core, through dentin structures and layers. We believe it is best to mimic nature.
That’s why we use a biomimetic approach when modulating the color if teeth and replicate the natural tissue structure. This gives you a smile that isn’t just white but also a perfect fit to your face and skin tone.

Fitting Shape

Many things impact the shape of a tooth. Mechanical wear and tear makes them pointy and bland. Coloration from coffee, tea or food changes their tone.

This all leads to pain, shame and even complications. When addressing such issues most dentists restore only the function of a damaged or worn tooth. But don’t deal with how it ts with neighboring teeth.

We start with function but also make sure your smile lines fit, everything is straight and looks as good as new

Attractive Face

They say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. But it really isn’t. It’s in the Golden Ratio. Our mind champions everything that conforms to this gold standard of design, symmetry and perfection.
Weather people nd your face attractive or not often comes down to just one thing – the way your teeth impact and dictate its shape.
That’s why we design your smile in conformity with the Golden Ratio. By adjusting the volume and the fullness of your smile, lips and vertical face height.

“I never had problem with teeth. Now I feel empowered by them”.“.

– Jakob, Klagenfurt Austria                            


Complete Service

We don’t just design, engineer and build your smile. But also provide
a regular check-up and conditioning plan, that protects your
investment over the long run.

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