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Missing one, several or all teeth?

Here’s how you get them back.

Today it’s not easy to choose how to go about replacing a missing tooth. There are many products. Ranging from a quick 10-minute procedure to a six month treatment plan.

This can get very confusing, very fast. And while all the talk is about materials, techniques, technology, you the patient have to live with the implant for the rest of your life. Feeling it with every bite.

That’s why at Studiodent, we focused on developing a product that delivers the three things you need most: quicker results, greater comfort and long durability.


Our IMPLANTS program makes it possible to compensate for loss of teeth without compromise. We will get you through this in a way that fully restores the use, feel and appearance of your teeth and smile.

Quick and Original

Imagine this: you are told your tooth needs to be pulled. Sounds bad, painful and shocking. Your have options, but even the most advanced implant is not the same as your own tooth. Now imagine, you could walk out of the dentist’s of ce with precisely that.

A replica of your original tooth, healthy, with a matching root, full strength and maximum comfort. That’s how we solve the problem of tooth loss, using 3D replicate teeth. Scanned, printed and implanted just for you.

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Computer guided surgery

By eliminating the guesswork related to which part of the jaw bone offers the best conditions for dental implant placement, computer guided surgery offers a more accurate and safer positioning of implants.

It also allows us to create a precise plan of the entire procedure with use of 3D images that let us see the interior of the jaw bone, the surrounding tissue and the nerves. This all adds up to greater patient comfort and simplifies treatment.

Fortified longevity

In order to work properly, an implant needs a strong neighborhood. The jawbone has to vital and have good circulation, which is something metal doesn’t allow.

Then there’s the need for responsive soft tissue that will prevent inflammation and protect the implant from bacteria.

All our implant procedures address these issue with tissue management, ensuring a long implant live.

“I was told I need 6 implants. Dr. Brajovic revitalized my existing teeth.

I only needed 2 implants. This was 9 years ago. They are still as good as new”.

– Janez, Ljubljana, Slovenija                            


Complete Service

We don’t just design, engineer and build your smile. But also provide
a regular check-up and conditioning plan, that protects your
investment over the long run.

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