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Before using the SMILE TEST DRIVE approach, esthetic dentistry was a mix of imagination, hope and nervous anticipation of both outcome and cost.

You were constantly guessing how your teeth would really turn out to be. How would they feel while eating, talking, breathing and how they would make you feel in the company of others was a complete mystery.

That’s why at Studiodent we don’t start with guess work. We start with the end result. With our virtual preview and esthetic dental prototype approach you are back in full

control of your new end look and every step of the way. Introducing the STUDIODENT TEST DRIVE. For everyone who is not satis ed with dental guesswork and wants certainty from the rst “say AA” to the nal result. It works in three precise steps, doesn’t hurt and gives you complete peace of mind before committing to a dental procedure. It allows you to make the right choices regarding treatment options, levels of detail and pricing.

When experiencing it, you will be amazed how it instantly transforms your smile, your face and the way see and think about yourself.


STEP 1: Digital preview

With the help of precise photographs a virtual model of your existing smile is recreated.

Using specialized software we analyze deviations from ideal face lines and pinpoint other imperfections.

Those gaps are corrected virtually and an ideal new smile is rendered.

A smile best at accentuating your facial features and contributing to that natural, confident overall appearance.

STEP 2: Aesthetic prototype

In case of dental medicine, seeing is not believing. That’s why we always start with a dental esthetic prototype.

It’s a physical rendition of the virtual smile preview, made of composites akin to materials used in llings.

In a 10 minute non painful procedure we physically attach it on top of your existing teeth and temporarily fixiate it into place for a few hours or up to two days if so desired.

STEP 3: Real-life demo

Then it’s time to stand in front of a mirror and try out the new smile for the rst time. To experience how it impacts your facial muscles, how it changes the symmetry of your face. To talk with loved ones and see how it impacts them. And also to take it out of our studio, for a walk, a meeting, go to the opera and mingle with friends. See how they like them and how they feel about the new you.

“This was a great experience.

I could feel my whole face take on a new, stronger shape”.

– Anabella, Milan Italy                            


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